Semmelweis Reflex and Strep


Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay
An earlier article of ours posted a while ago would be a good start to this article on this topic.

More complete article soon with an interesting personal story, which will also touch upon Reverse-Semmelweis effect, where diagnosis could be over-extended and utterly wrong under the pretext of Semmelweis effect, while missing out on common sense and evidence available right under the nose. Also, quality of service rendered, and questionable practices would also play an important role that could add to the Semmelweis effect.

By the way, Dr Semmelweis as with several other greats of yesteryear was not understood then until Louis Pasteur's germ theory came into existence twenty years after his demise. The irony is that the country and the medical fraternity that did not recognize him and let him die despondent then has an University named after him now.