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We are constantly bombarded with news in many countries such as, US, about dislike for vaccination among the general masses making it a primary topic for political debate. However, what is the reality? Here is the data to look at it:


Considering the current population of around 331M in US, 71% of the population being vaccinated as of Dec 4th, 2021, implies that the general population is not averse to vaccination as projected in several media outlets. Obviously, there are sections of population that are averse to vaccination due to preconceived notions, biases, and misinformation. However, the general population is more concerned about the side effects coming out of this new type of vaccine, and the lack of clarity on that front, rather than the purpose of the vaccine itself. Concerns such as data integrity being brought to the forefront, and lack of transparency on many fronts, also lead to further confusion and questions on this front.

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By the way, is n't it surprising to see UAE being the number one country in the list, and not those countries where vaccination technologies were developed namely, US, UK, China, Germany, Taiwan, India and Russia?


Mathieu, E., Ritchie, H., Ortiz-Ospina, E. et al. A global database of COVID-19 vaccinations. Nat Hum Behav (2021)

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What next? We will see more about Covid vaccine technologies out there, and where those technologies were developed soon.