Right now is not the time to direct our actions revolving around the stock market, as economy and financial wealth means nothing without proper health, especially at a global scale. For that reason, while making household items easily available as much as possible during these extenuating circumstances of pandemic outbreak, it is also important to set restrictions on a per family basis on household items, while also making it available to those families with unusual situations and special needs.

It is also important to consider price control measures to cut down the possibility in the growth of black markets during these tough times, while also giving confidence that what is being stated in the media has higher degree of certainty and truth. For example, a company with resources that source in a $5 device and sells for $15-20 in general should not sell the same item for $40 during these tough times.

It is also the time to establish trust between the government and the common masses. For that to happen, in countries where stability of financial institutions are questioned with banks created to build "Yes We Can" confidence is in the rumo(u)r talks for bankruptcy, the government should take actions to build trust among masses. For example, a country that has not aligned deposit protection over the years in line with inflation of salaries and prices, should consider increasing the deposit insurance coverage, which could enhance and promote savings mindset in countries where savings formed the basis and foundation of those countries, especially among the middle class.

"Wealth without health is just a filth"
Dr. Srikanth S Kidambi with the Dr Sriss (Fingername) touch

To be continued.

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