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As stated earlier, genetics is certainly a factor, but ADHD, Autism and other mental disorders are influenced by environment as much as genetics, if not more. For example, I have had experience of seeing families where several of the children from the same parents having "normal" children, with an exception of one, who was diagnosed with a mental health issue. If genetics were to be the primary or only factor, there should have been a higher probability of more than one child having similar mental health issues. Again, the point being that we need to be careful with generalizations.

A more detailed analysis on ADHD and Autism will be available soon.

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The Genetic Architecture of Risk For Autism Spectrum Disorder

A new study of inherited genetic risk indicates that common genetic variations throughout the genome act in addition to rare, deleterious mutations in autism-associated genes to create risk for autism.

The research is in Nature Genetics. (full access paywall)