Obesity forms part of many health concerns. This is further complicated by lots of misinformation and wrong information out there. As pointed out earlier, there is a saying "empty vessels make more noise" - But, in the social media world, there are so many half-baked cooks out there whose voices are louder, and heard than genuine individuals, who generate original work.

Overexposure to media in various forms along with commoditization of commercialization for everything further complicates the situation, and makes common health concerns such as Obesity into a shameful and dangerous health issue.

This community is created to promote and share facts, evidential information, analytical (induction and deduction) reasoning based information, and insights, connectomics along with our own original work capturing Obesity and related health concerns.

When it comes to competition in health at an individual basis, healthy competition is necessary to take us forward but, competition for health need not work wonders for everyone, and can lead to anxiety and other health issues in the long run.

Similarly, quick fix solutions might work in the short run, but would not solve the root cause of the problem.

This community is the initiative of our subsidiary units - Health-O-Health, I&IHealthcare, Hopes, and FactBook