Though more details are needed, it appears that our momma and dadda are right one more time.

One of the advantages of a global world.

Radiation from Smart phones.

One more about placebo effect.

What is placebo paradox?

Certainly this will help in physical support, but health also includes social and mental support.

What is the truth about coffee and caffeine?

A Revolution in Heart Surgery: Scientists Create Artificial Blood Vessels That Grow Normally


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Psychiatric Drugs - Truth (Analysis coming soon)

This is what ACS with more than 158000 members have to say about different types of cough medicines - anti-tussives,...

Do you fart?

Even these kids know what happens when we eat unhealthy food - Vatican

Science usually can be classified to four types - Simple, Complex, Ambiguous and Unknown.

What is this experiment, and What can you infer from this experiment?

Which is better for long-term healthy weight management?

Talc & Cancer - Truth coming soon

This seems appropriate, and is connected to my earlier posts on incompetency, and reproducibility issues.

For those who prefer to see research findings in text, here it is -

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Holistic doctors discovered autism-causing carcinogens in vaccines before turning up murdered.

Real Dr. Patch Adams

Follow up to HBR article on healthcare and DTC

This is what Dr. Patch Adams, Dr. Munna bhai MBBS, Dr. Vasool Raja MBBS, Dr. Dada giri MBBS did - right?